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Beauty The Way You See It

We believe makeup is freedom of expression, art, empowerment, and simply fun (because couldn’t life could be a bit more fun?). Relume was created to inspire you to explore your own vision and what beauty is for you. To support you in your own power, to defining your own rules and to have the confidence to live life the way you see it. We know we are all different, but what we all have in common is our unique gifts, talents, spirit and how when used properly they can change the world. That is beauty. We believe how you share your individual gifts is by stepping into who you truly are; no holding back. And more importantly because the world needs you as YOU!!

Relume; encouraging and creating space for you to go in as your true self.

The Bigger Picture

Our founder Laura saw the effects of mental illness from an early age. In 2010 an immediate family member who was deeply close to her suffered severe mental illness. So severe it resulted in losing the person she loved and knew to someone unrecognizable, homeless, and forever changed. Mental health is not just a passion for Laura, it is a part of the fabric of her everyday life. It’s in her heart to change how the world sees, speaks to, and treats others.She demands that mental health and mental illness systems do not discriminate, make those feel less than or excludes. She believes in a world where there is no longer shame, where the topic is no longer swept under the rug, but a world in which we hold space for each other and more importantly support each other on this journey called life. 

Our Impact

A portion of profits go directly to an organization in your area dedicated to mental health and mental illness. When you order from Australia it goes back into Australia, when you order from Canada it goes back into Canada, when you order from the United States it goes back to the United States.

Please click here for organizations in your area we currently support, but also please use them as a resource for yourself in times of need. As we continue to grow, our ability to help all achieve a healthy mental state of mind grows. Please reach out to our team at to nominate an organization in your area making waves to help improve mental health and combat mental illness. We look forward to working together and learning from one another to expand the endless possibilities of achieving a better world.